Adguard Family 9 Device For Windows/MAC/IOS/Android Key (Email Delivery)

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The license for the right to use Adguard Family 3/9 Device 1 year/ Lifetime

Download the installation file:

for Windows

for MAC

Activating Adguard for Windows:

1. Install and run Adguard

2. Select the "License" item in the program menu

3. Enter the license key and click the "Activate" button.

Activation of Adguard for MAC:

1. Open the program menu

2. Open the options by clicking on the gear icon, and select "License" from the drop-down menu.

3. In the window that opens, enter the license key and click the "License key activation"

Protection components: 

Protection against phishing and malicious sites

Adguard blocks access to sites that could harm you or your computer. Anti-phishing databases contain millions of sites and are constantly updated automatically. In addition, Adguard blocks access to all ad networks through which viruses can spread.

These two factors give you comprehensive protection comparable in quality to any web antivirus on the market. Why pay more when you have Adguard?

Save traffic and speed up the internet

Filtering and blocking ads gives you unprecedented savings in traffic, incomparable with any other solutions. If you use a 3G modem to access the Internet - you just need Adguard.

Filtering and blocking ads gives you unprecedented traffic savings

Set up the Internet for yourself!

Adguard gives you unprecedented opportunities to configure any site for yourself. Please note that in the lower right corner of any web page you can see a small button of the Adguard browser module.

The browser module allows you to customize the site for yourself, remove annoying elements from it yourself, or complain to us about this site.

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