The Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy (Instant Download) epub | English

comic, Mammoth Book

epub | 1.05 MB | English | Isbn:978-1-4721-1490-7 | Author: Mike Ashley, James P. Hogan, Esther Friesner, Craig Shaw Gardner, David Langford, Lawrence Schimel, Cynthia Ward, John Morressy, Julia S. Mandala, Gene Wolfe, Ambrose Bierce, Elisabeth Waters, Harry Harrison, George Alec Effinger, John Grant, Archibald Marshall, Charles Partington, Molly Brown, W. S. Gilbert, Peter Anspach, Elizabeth Counihan, Ron Goulart, Tom Holt, Sue Anderson, Avram Davidson, Grania Davis, John Kendrick Bangs, Neil Gaiman, E. K. Grant, Seamus Cullen, Terry Jones, Anthony Armstrong, Eliot Fintushel, Alan Dean Foster, Sprague de Camp, Harlan Ellison | Year: 2014

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