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Protected Folder is a handy tool for closing files and folders with a password to protect your data. A program developed by Iobit locks folders and files with password access to protect data from theft, loss or leakage. The application has several levels of protection: -the inability to delete or modify files; - impossibility of reading the file; - allows you to make individual segments of the file system completely invisible and inaccessible to outsiders.

In addition, Protected Folder prevents data theft by malicious programs, leakage of personal data, and confidential information from a shared computer. Protects information from accidental deletion and virus infection—protected Folder, providing reliable information protection while having a simple and convenient interface. So, the user just needs to drag the files into the Protected Folder and set a password.

Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface and ease of installation, the program has become widespread throughout the world.


Hide from View: Hides folders, files, images, and videos from those who want to search for specific files on your computer. No one can see them but you.

Block Access: Easily blocks access to files, folders, and programs. You can password protect a folder and others can see it but cannot access it.

File Protection: Protects your files from being modified by others. No one can change the content of your files without your permission.

No data loss or leakage: protects your important files from accidental deletion, replacement or theft by others.

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