Super Backup & Restore v2.3.58 (Instant Download)

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This app can backup applications, contacts, text messages, call history, bookmarks, and calendars to your SD card, Gmail, or Google Drive. You can share the installation APK file with your friends with one tap. If you intend to do a factory reset on the phone, please ensure the default backup folder is in your external SD card before doing it. If not, please copy the entire backup folder ("SmsContactsBackup" by default) to your external SD card

Features of the App

  • Backup apps to SD card
  • Backup all app download links of Google Play
  • Backup & restore the app's data(need root)
  • Batch restore apps from SD card (need root)
  • Backup Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card
  • Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars from the SD card
  • Can select SMS conversations to backup
  • Delete the backup data on the SD card
  • Schedule automatic backups
  • Auto-upload scheduled backups to your Gmail or Google Drive
  • Can download backup files from Google Drive
  • Show the last backup count & time

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