Ultimate Facts – Did You Know v6.1.0 (Instant Download)

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This app helps you learn something new and exciting daily by showing you random facts when you unlock your phone. Just set your preferences, like when and how many facts you want to know, and let Ultimate Facts do the rest. There are many features in Ultimate Facts that no fact app has. For example, It has an "Article" page with a detailed explanation of each fact and a resource link to gain insight and learn more. You can check all the facts in Ultimate Fact from the most reliable sources such as academic papers Wikipedia History National Geographic, Guinness World Records, and many more. All facts have audio recordings. This way, you can listen to the facts while walking, running, or doing sports. It is an ultimate Fact you can be the most famous person in the environment. Knowing about everything will give you respect. You can start the most beautiful conversations with your friends

Features of the App

  • Our editors meticulously check the ultimate Fact
  • Learn something new and exciting every day
  • Random facts when you unlock your phone
  • All facts have audio recordings
  • Can start the most beautiful conversations with your friends

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